Outside Forbidden Island
1304 Lincoln Ave, Alameda
Sunday 05/31

To go only, advance order welcome, read below on how to order! A taste of Southeast Asia is coming to Alameda!

Our truck will be parked at Forbidden Island from 4 til 7pm. Enjoy authentic Southeast Asian cuisine, along with a refreshing exotic cocktail from Forbidden Island. All food and drinks are for takeout only, in accordance with current shelter-in-place laws.

ONLINE ORDERING IS ENCOURAGED! The short version of how it works – We will start taking orders from our website on Tuesday. Please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for complete info, as we will make an announcement soon – Satay By The Bay SF

Singapore-style SATAY is the main attraction. Choose beef or chicken. All of our meat is halal. Marinated overnight, then placed on bamboo skewers, and grilled fresh to order. Served with homemade peanut sauce whose recipe was handed down by Elly’s grandmother. Also comes with cucumber and rice cake.

3 Sticks – $11.00
4 sticks – $13.00
5 sticks – $15.00

TAHU GORENG originated in Indonesia, and simply means “Fried Tofu.” Add sprouts, carrots and cucumber, then covered with peanut sauce to create a delicious, authentic SE Asian meal. (VEGAN) – $11.00

Picking up drinks from Forbidden Island at the same time? Here’s an important note – To stay in compliance with ABC regulations, all FI drink orders must be placed in advance. Visit their website to order https://www.forbiddenislandalameda.com


Taqabbal allahu minna wa minkum

Since it’s still Hari Raya, come celebrate with us with our special Eid dish this week!

Next up:
Thursday & Friday delivery
May 28 & 29

Details on how to order and prices will be announced tomorrow as well.

Delivery ONLY within SF, SSF, Daly City, San Bruno and Pacifica

Rendang ayam/ chicken rendang

If you ain’t got rendang, you ain’t got Raya!

Chicken, slow cooked in spices and coconut milk. What makes it special is the added toasted grated coconut, ground and turned into kerisik, that adds a special curve of taste to this dish.

Served with rice, acar timun (cucumber pickle), sambal & begedil (potato cutlet). Price will be announced tomorrow

Signature dishes:
Chicken and beef satay
Tahu goreng

Satay By The Bay SF Pop-Up

In case you missed Satay By The Bay SF delivery this week, not to worry – We’ll be open tomorrow inside El Toro Loco, 1780 Francisco Blvd in Pacifica (1 block away from Winters Tavern)

We’re offering our food truck menu for takeout only…

SATAY – Choose Beef or Chicken. Marinated, grilled, and skewered! Served with rice, cucumbers, and our homemade peanut sauce.

3 Skewers – $10.50
4 Skewers – $12.50
5 Skewers – $14.50

TAHU GORENG – Fried tofu, served with bean sprouts, shredded carrots and and cucumbers, and topped with our homemade peanut sauce. $10.50

Come and order from both menus and turn your meal into an Asian/Peruvian/Mexican feast. Don’t forget – El Toro Loco sells beer, wine, and sangria to go…

Thanks for your support!

Delivery day- All day Thursday 04/23

Anyone for peanut sauce?

Checking to see if there’s enough interest for us to deliver 12-oz containers of fresh, homemade Singapore gold to SF/Oakland areas on Thursday.

Our homemade peanut sauce is vegan, and goes well with meat, tofu, or veggies. 12 bucks each.

Please contact us by Wednesday morning if interested.

Satay By The Bay SF #sataybythebaysf 🇸🇬