5/26/22 – Temescal Taproom

Ehh, what’s up doc?

We made a new friend tonight.

Say hi to Nash. He and his humans came out to @offthegridsf in Menlo Park for dinner.

After sampling the goods, Nash decided to go with our vegetarian option 🐰🐰🐰

Thank you Nash and everyone else for coming out tonight.

See you on Thursday at @temescaltaproom in Oakland, 4-9

On Friday we’re at @factionbrewing in Alameda, 12-8

4/27/22 – 5/1/22 Schedule

Where to find us this week…

Wed – MENLO PARK – @offthegridsf/CalTrain 5-9

Thur – OAKLAND – @temescaltaproom 4-9

Fri – OAKLAND – @tigerstaproom 4-9


Sun – ALAMEDA – @alamedaantiquesfaire

As always, thanks for your support!

🖼 – “Satay Club” mural by @yipyewchong (2016). Born and raised in Singapore, YC tells stories of his childhood memories and bygone eras through his art. Check out his website yipyc.com. We look forward to viewing his murals up close in June 🙂

4/13 – 4/16 Schedule

Here’s this week’s schedule, along with a short story about the stuffed beaver wearing a tutu and captain’s hat who keeps showing up in our photos…

Elly and I got into a huge fight while working at @themenageriealameda’s Oddities Market last December. At the end of the day, I decided to find a gift for my wife as a peace offering. So, I went to @ambienoise.tara and picked out this little guy, whom we’d been admiring earlier in the day. I mean, who can resist the charm of a stuffed beaver?

Elly, that’s who. My plan didn’t work.

Of course everything smoothed out later that evening, and we eventually got a great laugh out of it. In fact, we decided to get him a SBTBSF t-shirt and make him our mascot.

The Beav comes to many of our locations. Feel free to say hi or take a pic. Please be sure to tag us!

So, back to the schedule…

Wed – MENLO PARK – @offthegridsf/CalTrain Station 5-9

Thu – OAKLAND – @temescaltaproom 4-9

Fri – OAKLAND – @tigerstaproom 4-9

Sat – ALAMEDA – @offthegridsf/ @southshorecenter 11-3

As always, thanks for your support!

4/7/22 – Ghost Town Brewing

Here’s a #tbt pic…

2010, Singapore. Suraya goes crusin’ with Yayi 🛵

Fast forward to 2022, Oakland. Cruise on over to @ghosttownbrewing tonight for some delicious chicken satay 🚚

1960 Adeline Street, Oakland 94607