1/28/23 – Presidio Tunnel Tops

One of the best things about our job is that we get to work in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And, we love the commute…

Join us at Presidio [@presidiosf] Tunnel Tops today.

Hours 11-4:30.

Don’t worry, the fog will be gone in the next hour or so.

Oh, and don’t forget to obey all traffic signs in the park. They’re here for everyone’s safety…

1/21/23 – Presidio Tunnel Tops

Vince Vasquez (@thetastebud) knows where to find the good food in the Bay Area. Follow his IG page to find the hot spots.

In this case, follow him right to our truck 🙂

Visit us on Saturday at Presidio (@presidiosf) Tunnel Tops


And, if you’re wondering about that massive plate of fries in the video, we call it “The Vince Special.” It’s a full order of Dutch Fries, along with a full order of Chilli Crab Fries, carefully placed side by side in a 5lb tray. It’ll feed a small army…

Repost from @thetastebud

@sataybythebaysf is the meat sticks you need in your life. Authentic Singaporean satay marinated overnight, then placed on bamboo skewers, and grilled fresh to order they are so good. Served with homemade peanut sauce whose recipe was handed down by the owner Elly’s grandmother. Every few months I need to satisfy my satay fix so you’ll find me here. Check their IG to see where they’ll be next!

1/19/23 & 1/21/23 Presidio Tunnel Tops

We’ll be at Presidio [@presidiosf] Tunnel Tops two more times this week. Come n’ visit us!

Thursday 11-3

Saturday 11-4:30

Thanks for your support!

1/12/23 – Presidio Tunnel Tops

We finally have some good news…It will likely NOT rain on Thursday!

Come on out to Presidio [@presidiosf] Tunnel Tops and do your best Snoopy dance in the Main Parade Lawn, then join us for lunch.

11am-3pm (New winter hours)

1/12/23, 1/14/23 & 1/15/23 Schedule

This week’s schedule…

Thu – Presidio [@presidiosf] Tunnel Tops 11-3 (Note new winter hours)

Sat – Presidio [@presidiosf] Tunnel Tops 11-4:30 (Note new winter hours)

Sun – SF – Harmonic Brewing [@harmonicbrewing] 12-5*

*Join us for The Menagerie’s [@themenageriealameda] Peculiar Pop-Up Party In The Patch. Expect the unexpected: the strange.. the weird..the unusual..Cuz this isn’t your normal craft fair. Featuring odd art & curious wares, craft beer, music, and SATAY 🇸🇬

<<< And last, here comes the dreaded disclaimer again – Unfortunately, more heavy rain is expected this week, which could affect certain markets, so please check back for updates.