Thank You OTG Fort Mason Center! 5/13 at Presidio Tunnel Tops

We had a great time at Off The Grid Fort Mason Center [@offthegridsf ] tonight. Thank you!

Saturday is expected to be sunny with a high of 70, and there’s no better place to be on a beautiful day than Presidio Tunnel Tops [@presidiosf]. Come n’ spend the day here. We’ll be at the Main Parade Lawn from 11 til 4:30…

5/11/23 – Schedule for the Week

Sending out early Happy Mother’s Day wishes to every mom out there – and thank you! We can never thank our moms enough for everything they’ve done and continue to do for us.

Here’s where to find us this week…

Thu – SF – Presidio Tunnel Tops [@presidiosf] 11-3

Fri – SF – Fort Mason Center Off The Grid [@offthegridsf] 5-10

Sat – SF – Presidio Tunnel Tops 11-4:30

Sun – Closed for Mother’s Day

As always, thanks for your support 🙂

4/23/23 – Piedmont Food Fest

It sure was a beautiful n’ busy day at Presidio Tunnel Tops [@presidiosf]. Thank you!

Tomorrow we head to the East Bay for the Piedmont Food Fest [@piedmontfoodfest]


See 2nd photo for complete food & drink listings…

4/9/23 – Presidio Tunnel Tops

Where to find us today at Presidio Tunnel Tops [@presidiosf]?

“We’re here, lah.”

(Main Parade Lawn, across from The Walt Disney Family Museum [@wdfmuseum])

It’s gonna be a beautiful day. Come n’ enjoy the sunshine…

Hours 11am-4:30pm

4/6/23 – Presidio Tunnel Tops

“Thick as molasses and studded with chunky peanuts, the (peanut) sauce hits all the right notes in a rhythm of sweet, spicy, sour, salty with a hint of zest and a lip-smacking satisfaction that makes every bite better than the last” – Steph Rodriguez [@wordstospill], SFGate [@sfgate] feature article, 8/25/2022
Come n’ get some today at Presidio Tunnel Tops [@presidiosf]