8/14/21 – Runway Spirits

Back in Alameda again today before we take our weekend! Lots of outdoor dining with a view. Bring your family and friends and hangout with us!

Runway Spirits
2505 Monarch St


Things to remember when visiting our truck:

  • Please anticipate wait time as we cook your food to order. If the person in front of you (or you) does a group order, expect a longer wait time.
  • Any dishes with fries take much longer time as we only have one big fryer.
  • NO, we do not have Rendang burger tomorrow.
  • We do not take advance order. Please come early 😊
  • Please bring exact change as we do not have change all the time. Cards and Apple Pay are preferable.
  • You can wave at me, I’ll wave back 🙌 when I see you
  • Watch our video by Vice Media if you haven’t yet. Link in bio 🔥

In Singapore, the wait for satay is usually 30-45 minutes, with no line. Ours is about that time, with line 😊

7/24/21 – Runway Spirits

It’s going to be a 🦀 Saturday! We also have beef satay!

Lots of scenic outdoor seating if you want to bring a friend or your whole family!

NO – There will be no Rendang Burger this weekend

Runway Spirits
2505 Monarch St

Forbidden Island
1304 Lincoln Ave

(**Please note the bar opens at 3 due to private party, so we will offer takeout only until they open)