4/7/22 – Ghost Town Brewing

Here’s a #tbt pic…

2010, Singapore. Suraya goes crusin’ with Yayi 🛵

Fast forward to 2022, Oakland. Cruise on over to @ghosttownbrewing tonight for some delicious chicken satay 🚚

1960 Adeline Street, Oakland 94607

3/31 – 4/3 Schedule

All East Bay, all week!

Thur – OAKLAND – @ghosttownbrewing 4-9

Fri – OAKLAND – @tigerstaproom 4-9

Sat – ALAMEDA – @dashecellars 11:30-6

Sun – ALAMEDA – @alamedaantiquesfaire 8-3

As always, thanks for your support!!!

2/17/22 – Ghost Town Brewing

Word on the street is our Singapore Chilli Crab Sandwich is da bomb 💣💣💣 It’s made with real crabmeat and Singapore-style sweet n’ spicy chilli sauce, and served on a Dutch Crunch roll. We invented it, and you’ll only find it on our food truck.

Grab one tomorrow at @ghosttownbrewing, 1960 Adeline Street in Oakland. Our full menu will be available from 3 til 9. Dine in/Takeout available.

It’s also karaoke night! Join Christy’s Cool Cat Karaoke from 7 til 10. It’s part of the @sfbeerweek festivities. So, if you don’t see us cooking, you know where to find us 🙂