Alameda Point Antiques Faire Moved to 3/12/23

The Alameda Point Antiques Faire [@alamedaantiquesfaire] has been moved to next weekend due to concerns of bad weather.

Unfortunately, we are not available on the new date, so we’ll see you there next month…

From their email – “We have been watching the rain predicted again for this weekend. Due to predictions for heavy winds, rain, and harsh weather conditions in the surrounding areas on Saturday during our set-up and potentially on Sunday too, we have made the decision to roll the March 5th Antiques Faire to Sunday, March 12th for all of our safety.”

2/4/23 & 2/5/23 Schedule

We know what we’re doing this weekend, what about you?

Rain or shine…

Saturday — 11-4:30
Presidio Tunnel Tops

Sunday — 8-3
Alameda Antiques Faire

Come through!

2/2/23 Schedule For The Week

Here’s where to find us this week…

Thu – SF – Presidio [@presidiosf] Tunnel Tops 11-3

Sat – SF – Presidio [@presidiosf] Tunnel Tops 11-4:30

Sun – ALAMEDA – Alameda Antiques Faire [@alamedaantiquesfaire] 8-3

Please come as you are. No special “a-tire” needed 🙂

Closed on 1/1/23

We have some bad news…

Sorry, but we must cancel our shift at Alameda Antiques Faire [@alamedaantiquesfaire] on Sunday.

We are unable to access to our truck due to road closures and heavy flooding, which means we cannot stock it with supplies, nor do crucial prep work which must be done the night before each shift.

Please note the event is still on, so please go and enjoy…

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

12/4/22 – Alameda Antiques Faire POSTPONED

We’re sorry to report that Sunday’s Alameda Antiques Faire [@alamedaantiquesfaire] has been postponed due to the very high possibility of rain.

The new date is Sunday 12/11, though we have other commitments and wont be there (Stay tuned for separate post).

Our next shift at the antiques faire will be January 1, 2023. That’s right…NEW YEARS DAY! Save the date.