7/29 – Faction Brewing

Back at Faction today!

Thu 7/29 – ALAMEDA
Faction Brewing
2501 Monarch St

Things to remember when visiting our truck:

  • Please anticipate wait time for as we cook your food to order. If the person in front of you (or you) does a group order, expect a longer wait time.
  • Any dishes with fries take much longer time as we only have one big fryer.
  • NO, we do not have Rendang burger tomorrow.
  • We do not take advance order. Please come early 😊
  • Please bring exact change as we do not have change all the time. Cards and Apple Pay are preferable.
  • You can wave at me, I’ll wave back 🙌 when I see you 😍

In Singapore, the wait for satay is usually 30-45 minutes, with no line. Ours is about that time, with line 😊


Fri 7/30 – OAKLAND
Temescal Brewing

Sat 7/31 – PACIFICA
El Toro Loco
1780 Francisco Blvd

Sun 8/1 – ALAMEDA
Alameda Antiques Faire

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