Updated Menu Prices

In light of the article in yesterday’s article in @sfgate , we think it’s time to have that uncomfortable talk about what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Everything has gotten more expensive to the point of where it hurts, or supplies have run out. It started out with the cost of crabmeat quadrupling, then it spread to everything else we use.

The price of chicken has tripled. Beef has also tripled when available, but the cut we use hasn’t been on the shelf in more than a week. Palm sugar, oil, packaging, gas, propane prices and more have risen dramatically (Doubled or more in most cases).

Supplies are running short, prices keep rising, and people are panic buying. 

When the crisis first started, we were reluctant to raise our prices. We figured we’d just ride it out, and things would go back to normal in a few weeks. Unfortunately, things seem to be getting worse, and now we find ourselves having to take action in order to stay afloat.

Effective immediately, we have increased the price of our satay and crab items by $1.50. We have no choice. Once the prices come back down, we’ll go back to our old pricing. 

And then there’s the Dutch Fries. This item has become legendary for it’s addictiveness and enormous portion size. We’ve known for a long time that we underpriced it, and we were reluctant to make a change. Now, we have no choice. But, this also brings on a change that we’ve wanted to do for a while – We will now offer Full and Half sizes on Dutch Fries only (Sorry, we cannot offer this same option for the crab). This was not an easy decision for us to make. We just want to keep our heads above water,just like every other small business. We all need your support more than ever.

Thanks for understanding.


Elly & David
Satay By The Bay SF

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