3/3/21 – Blue Oak Brewing

It’s Rendang Burger Day today!

3/3/21 Wednesday
Blue Oak Brewing
815 Cherry Lane
San Carlos

Full menu, Girl Scout Cookies on deck!



What is rendang?

Rendang is a rich and tender coconut beef stew which is explosively flavorful and beef rendang is the most popular rendang.

Called “rendang daging” in local language, it’s arguably the most famous beef recipe in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

And our version, the rendang is being experienced in a form of a burger.

Is Satay By The Bay SF’s rendang burger Americanized?

Believe me, we have been criticized ‘trying to Americanize’ authentic Malay food and was told to stick to 100% pure Malay food. (Don’t worry, we were not shaken by those remarks!).

This Rendang Burger dish was not created by us, it was created many years ago in Singapore by Burger King. 2 beef patties in a bun, topped with rendang sauce. This burger always hit the spot for us and we are reliving our cravings from back home. Call it Americanized, but We can tell you that we have brought many of our Asian customers ‘back home’ from just eating the burger. It brings back memories from back home…this very burger!

Our rendang sauce though, is not fast food quality. It’s the recipe from my mom’s kitchen!

Those who have not tried this burger, come to our truck and we’ll give you a taste of ‘Americanized’ Singapore food!

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