8/11/21 – Off The Grid: Menlo Park

Off The Grid – Menlo Park
1120 Merrill St


Things to remember when visiting our truck:

  • Please anticipate wait time as we cook your food to order. If the person in front of you (or you) does a group order, expect a longer wait time.
  • Any dishes with fries take much longer time as we only have one big fryer.
  • NO, we do not have Rendang burger tomorrow.
  • We do not take advance order. Please come early 😊
  • Please bring exact change as we do not have change all the time. Cards and Apple Pay are preferable.
  • You can wave at me, I’ll wave back 🙌 when I see you
  • Watch our video by Vice Media if you haven’t yet. Link in bio 🔥

In Singapore, the wait for satay is usually 30-45 minutes, with no line. Ours is about that time, with line 😊

7/28 – 8/1 Schedule

Where to find us this week…

Wed 7/28 – MENLO PARK – Menlo Park CalTrain Station / @offthegridsf 5-9p

Thu 7/29 – ALAMEDA – @factionbrewing 2-8p

Fri 7/30 – OAKLAND – @temescalbeer 4-9p

Sat 7/31 – PACIFICA – El Toro Loco – 1780 Francisco Blvd 12-5p

Sun 8/1 – ALAMEDA – @alamedaantiquesfaire 8a-3p

Thanks for your support.

We look forward to seeing you!

7/25/21 – Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island has been a big part of our lives for more than a decade. It’s been our go-to place for date nights. David has been a resident DJ since 2011. And we’ve brought friends from all over the world here, both to spin records, and just to hang out.

They’ve also been big supporters of @sataybythebaysf since its inception, and we are grateful for it. That’s why the last Sunday of every month is a special one for us. We get to spend it with our FI family 🙂

Join us in Alameda today. We’re open 2-8 (FI opens at 3 today and closes at midnight)

And yes, we have plenty of crab!

Munchies Food by Vice!

The video is now live on @munchies! Watch below and enjoy!!!

Come n’ visit us this week…

TODAY – SAN LEANDRO – San Leandro Street Eats (Corner of Hesperian & Paseo Grande) 5-9pm

Sat – ALAMEDA – @runwayspiritsco 1-7

Sun – ALAMEDA – @forbiddenisland 2-8
(**Please note FI opens at 3 due to private party, so we’ll offer takeout until they open.

Full calendar available on our website. Come n’ visit us, and please be sure to support all the awesome establishments who host us 🤟

July 20-25 Schedule

It’s going to be an exciting week for @sataybythebaysf. The Vice Munchies story is set to debut on Thursday! I’ll pass on the link once it becomes available…

Tue – DALY CITY – Serramonte Center/ @offthegridsf 5-9

Wed – SAN FRANCISCO – @harmonicbrewing 3-9

Thur – SAN LORENZO – San Lorenzo Street Eats/@thefoodtruckmafia 5-9

Fri – CLOSED – (Hey @mayelly1, I think we should do date night at The Avengers show at @ivyroom . I’m just sayin’)

Sat – ALAMEDA – @runwayspiritsco 1-7

Sun – ALAMEDA – @forbiddenisland 2-8 (**Please note the bar opens at 3 due to private party, so we will offer takeout only until they open)