10/31/21 – Forbidden Island


Join us today in Alameda!

Forbidden Island
1304 Lincoln Ave

10/30 – 10/31

Why, yes we have vegetarian options!

Try our Tahu Goreng – Fried tofu with cucumber, carrot, raw bean sprouts, and two layers of peanut sauce. It’s vegan too!

You can also order our Dutch Fries – A massive pile of fresh-cooked French Fries, topped with peanut sauce and Mayo. Choose Full Size (2lbs) or Half Size (1 lb). To make it vegan, just request that we leave off the mayo.

Also, find us this weekend at…

Sat – @alphaacidbrewingco 1-7

Sun – @forbiddenisland 2-8

9/26/21 – Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island 🗿🌴
1304 Lincoln Ave

We still have half orders of our Singapore Chilli Crab Fries 🦀🦀

8/29/21 – Forbidden Island

Ooooops, parking lot sale is not today but in September!

We will still be at Forbidden Island today regardless!

Forbidden Island
1304 Lincoln Ave

*no beef satay until further notice

7/25/21 – Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island has been a big part of our lives for more than a decade. It’s been our go-to place for date nights. David has been a resident DJ since 2011. And we’ve brought friends from all over the world here, both to spin records, and just to hang out.

They’ve also been big supporters of @sataybythebaysf since its inception, and we are grateful for it. That’s why the last Sunday of every month is a special one for us. We get to spend it with our FI family 🙂

Join us in Alameda today. We’re open 2-8 (FI opens at 3 today and closes at midnight)

And yes, we have plenty of crab!