7/25/21 – Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island has been a big part of our lives for more than a decade. It’s been our go-to place for date nights. David has been a resident DJ since 2011. And we’ve brought friends from all over the world here, both to spin records, and just to hang out.

They’ve also been big supporters of @sataybythebaysf since its inception, and we are grateful for it. That’s why the last Sunday of every month is a special one for us. We get to spend it with our FI family 🙂

Join us in Alameda today. We’re open 2-8 (FI opens at 3 today and closes at midnight)

And yes, we have plenty of crab!

Thank you! ❤️

Thank you all for coming out and letting us share our love of food with you!

Our biggest apologies for the long wait and running out of rice and beef! Things were flying off the shelves too fast that we were caught completely off guard. For those who were disappointed for not getting the rice and beef or chicken (and replaced with substitutes), please come back to our truck and let us know so that we can make it up to you (yes I remember who you are 😊)!

Let’s do this again in Alameda tomorrow!

We are loading up on more rice, crab and satay!

Forbidden Island
1304 Lincoln Ave

(**Please note the bar opens at 3 due to private party, so we will offer takeout only until they open)

6/27/21 – Forbidden Island

RENDANG BURGER weekend continues!

Forbidden Island
1305 Lincoln Ave

Sorry no advance order for rendang burger 🍔

5/30/21 – Forbidden Island

Today’s the big day at Forbidden Island!

We’re going to have a TV producer working with us all day long, gathering material for a feature story about our Satay By The Bay SF food truck, which will be viewed by a couple million people.

We’d love to have our customers and friends join us on this special day. You may be asked to be filmed enjoying your meal, or even for a brief interview, though “no promises” of what will make the final cut.

We’ll be open 2-8, and the interviews & venue filming are expected to take place during the 3 o’clock hour.

Come on by!