Happy New Year!

Next week’s craving, SIGLAP LAKSA (Laksa Siglap if you say it in malay).

The oldest and most under rated laksa in Singapore but, this is the only laksa that my family (and extended family) makes at home!

Not comparable to Nyonya or Katong Laksa as Siglap Laksa is curry-ish, fish, coconut milk and kerisik (toasted coconut) based. It looks like dry Laksa in the picture but I will make it more soupy cos it’s still soupy weather here! The sambal (hot sauce) will be sambal belacan (sambal terasi) that I had tweaked to give it more kick.

Order forms will drop Saturday night, there will be Emeryville and Sam Bruno pick up points. Delivery will be in SF, SSF, Daly City, Pacifica and San Bruno.

It is still out of commission and will take at least another 2 weeks to be restored. I know you miss our Chilli Crab and Satay Sandwiches and fries and the ultimate Rendang Burger. We miss them too!

Your utmost support to our business for deliveries will truly help us survive this crisis!