Our friend @lorenzosurferjoe visited us from Italy yesterday, and couldn’t wait to try our satay! We appreciate his, uhh, “enthusiasm” 🙂

Lorenzo’s band SURFER JOE was the co-headliner at Saturday’s BELMONT ROCK AND ROLL FLEA MARKET. They are like family to us, and we were thrilled that they were finally able to try our food. Yes, we got good reviews 🙂

BTW big thanks to everyone who joined us on this special day. If you missed it, we’re organizing another Rock And Roll Flea Market in Alameda on October 16. Details coming soon…

And, if you’re curious about Surfer Joe and live in the Bay Area, they’re playing tonight at @artboutiki in San Jose, as part of the International Surf Classic #5. Also featuring The Nebulas, Frankie & The Pool Boys (who also played the Belmont flea), Fascinating Creatures Of The Deep, and The Gillbillies. Showtime is 4pm. We’re looking forward to enjoying the show as civilians 🙂