We ❤️our community

Here’s a couple of reminders of why we love our community…

1) If you saw today’s video of Elly visiting the other food vendors, then you see this food pic, you may conclude that she went trick-or-treating. Not really. Actually, this is quite normal. It’s just how food truck people take care of each other…

2) Seeing these biker dudes in our line today really warmed our hearts. Tanoa [@atownagency] and Mark [@djboyofsummer] have been big supporters and great friends. In fact, Mark is the one who told us about the Tunnel Tops food vendor program, and sent us the link to apply. If not for him, we likely wouldn’t have ever known about it…

We ❤️our community. We really do.

We’re gonna take a couple days off to rest up, then we’ll jump back into the fire on Wednesday.

Just a reminder, the Alameda Rock & Roll Flea Market is this Sunday 10/16 at @dashecellars in Alameda. It’s an event that we organized, featuring 70+ vendors selling records, vintage clothing, antiques, handmade jewelry, art, and so much more. There’ll be plenty of food and drink available too. Of course we’ll be there. Please visit the @alamedarockandrollfleamarket IG page for more info, or feel free to DM us.

Goodnight… 🌚

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