We’re excited to be a food vendor at this year’s massive WORLD GOTH DAY FESTIVAL in Alameda, presented by @themenageriealameda. This is going to be AMAZING…

Check out this lineup =


Experience an entire day & evening of Gothic Subculture. Immerse yourself in art, fashion, people and music.

This is a ticketed event at the USS Hornet Museum! 🎟get tickets 👉 EVENTBRITE or themenagerieodditiesmarket.com
Schedule of events:

⚓️On the Pier:
Food trucks ~ @sataybythebaysf @dontbechickn, a full bar, dining area, the The Menagerie Mobile Oddities Shoppe, @skyhighodditorium
🚢On the Ship (Indoors)
Hangar Bays 1&2:
The Menagerie Oddities Show, a full bar, food, tours of the ship including the flight deck, and goth vendors galore🦇you won’t find our lineup anywhere else:
Altar Ego
Ambie Noise
AP Obscurae
Arsenic Fashions
Ash Above So Below
Atlas Viscera
Bellacat’s Stache
Big Top Chocolate
Bit Bat Bootique
Black Market
Black Widow Bottles
Built From Sketch
Chantrieri Moon
Crimson Parlor
Dark Mourning Oddities
Drop Dead & Wrought
Emo Weasel
Esteban Cruz
Eternal Craft
EyeScream Jewelry
Favor & Hot Cakes Design
Feathered Outlaw
Feline Oracle
Gashly Tentacles
Haunted Manor
Holly Pierson
iconic Meltdown
Jak Savage Fashions
Jeffrey Matucha
Kria Lindquist
Luna Lilith Creations
Ma Cheri Designs
Magpie and Thorn
Mancha de Mehndi
Menagerie Mobile Oddities Shoppe
Minerva Press
The Art of Monica Richards
Mystic Parlor
Owl la Mode
Painted Points
Petite Royale
R.L. Merrill Author
Rocketready Apparel
Satan Save the Queen
Sick Soaps
Skeletal Dropkick
Stitch Twisted Tales
Studio Umbralux
Sui Generis Magicka
Tin Baby Tin
Warewise Soaps
Wicked Clay Babe
Xan Bloodwalker
xBlack Lilyx
You Didn’t Ask w/Frankie & Tish
PLUS dancing and DJ’s🎶
10-11:30 Fledermaus
11:30-1 Adrienne Scissorhands
1-2:30 Miz Margo
2:30-4 Zlaya

⏰4-6pm Barbary Ghost~Intermezzo

Hangar Bay 3 – doors at 5pm
⏰6-9pm CONCERT w/Monica Richards and Anthony Jones, the Reptile House (Sisters of Mercy) & Dead Souls (Joy Division)
$20 10-4pm Oddities Show

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