4/14/22 – Temescal Taproom

“Delicious and nostalgic food, but with an original twist” – Thank you @maristauffer for the kind words 🙏

We take great pride in presenting authentic flavors of Singapore in both traditional and modern styles. You can have your chicken satay on a skewer, or you have it on a Dutch Crunch roll. Either way you win…

Join us at @temescaltaproom tonight.

4115 Telegraph Ave, Oakland 94609


**Turn up the volume and enjoy the sounds of THE QUESTS. They were Singapore’s most popular band in the 1960’s. The featured track, SHANTY, was their biggest hit, and what is considered to be one of the greatest rock instrumentals of all time. It was #1 on the Singapore charts for 10 weeks, displacing The Beatles’ “I Should Have Known Better.”

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