Ordering Opening Tonight

Siglap Laksa order forms will be available tonight! Look out for it!


Next week’s craving, SIGLAP LAKSA (Laksa Siglap if you say it in malay).

The oldest and most under rated laksa in Singapore but, this is the only laksa that my family (and extended family) makes at home! Slide to next picture to know a little more about this Laksa.

Not comparable to Nyonya or Katong Laksa as Siglap Laksa is curry-ish, fish, coconut milk and kerisik (toasted coconut) based. It looks like dry Laksa in the picture but I will make it more soupy cos it’s still soupy weather here! The sambal (hot sauce) will be sambal belacan (sambal terasi) that I had tweaked to give it more kick.

Order forms will drop Saturday night, there will be Emeryville and Sam Bruno pick up points. Delivery will be in SF, SSF, Daly City, Pacifica and San Bruno.

It is still out of commission and will take at least another 2 weeks to be restored. I know you miss our Chilli Crab and Satay Sandwiches and fries and the ultimate Rendang Burger. We miss them too!

Your utmost support to our business for deliveries will truly help us survive this crisis!

Both days SOLD OUT

We OVERSOLD on this week’s delivery! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We will announce next week’s special dish real soon!

We really miss being on our food truck and sharing our love right off the grill. Can’t wait for our truck to complete getting fixed and cities to open up again so that we can go back to ‘somewhat’ normal. I actually miss the fries and rendang burger myself!

Thank you guys again for your never ending support!


Please click link on bio (https://sataybythebay.com/delivery/) and select the date of your choice for delivery/pick up.

Delivery window is between 3-6pm. Curbside delivery will be only for areas in San Francisco, Daly City, SSF, Pacifica and San Bruno. If you are out of the area, there will be a pickup point in San Bruno at 3:30pm on both days.

Each delivery will be $5. No charge for pick up.

Due to COVID 19 precautions, all delivery will be curbside or placed outside the doors. If you live in apartment, please be ready to come to the curbside to meet us when we text (we have other stops to go to) or we can also leave the food at the lobby.Once ordered, we will text you your totals and payment information within 24-48 hours).

Please be patient with us in this matter as it’s done manually.

The time has come! This week’s delivery days will be on Wednesday 12/23 and Thursday 12/24. Order forms will be released tomorrow morning!Curbside delivery will be only for areas in San Francisco, Daly City, SSF, Pacifica and San Bruno. If you are out of the area, there will be a pickup point in San Bruno at 3:30pm on both days. Each delivery will be $5. No charge for pick up.We are going back to what we were doing during the first months of lockdown, so please be patient with us. East Bay foodies, if response is encouraging, we will consider Mealdrop delivery the following week!


NASI LEMAK – $15 +tax
This is always a sellout item, the one that always makes me cry when frying the chicken or the husband’s friend calls it the ‘divorce’ chicken! Rice cooked in coconut milk with 24 hour marinated whole chicken leg with boiled egg, cucumber slices, peanuts and homemade sambal.

GADO GADO (vegetarian) – $13 + tax
Fried tofu, tempeh, steamed cabbage, string beans, cucumbers, egg and potatoes, topped with peanut sauce and keropok (crackers).

5 sticks satay meal (chicken or beef) $15.50 + tax
6 sticks satay meal (chicken, beef or combo) $18 + tax



All orders will be delivered between 5-7pm on Wednesday and Thursday only, ALL OVER THE BAY AREA, yes to San Jose and Livermore!

Please go to link (https://www.mymealdrop.com/en/store/Satay-By-The-Bay–San-Francisco/771430), select meals of your choice. Store shows as CLOSED, but continue to click on the store.

Meals are delivered by a third party and vary by distance (please select the distance range), delivery prices will be indicated when you order.

You can combine orders with your friends to ONE destination to split the delivery fees (that will be your personal arrangement).

Beef satay is currently OUT OF STOCK but we will update once (IF) we get the beef supply tomorrow.

You can add more items (like the beef satay once we put it back in stock) after you have made your order, click on ‘free delivery’ option as an ‘add in’ order so you will not be charged twice on delivery.

Slots are limited, order early!

Any questions, message us!


June 23th & 24th – Delivery time 3:30-6pm

Delivery only within SF, SSF, San Bruno, Daly City and Pacifica. Out of area orders, please message us to arrange pick up before ordering.

Order forms for slots will open tomorrow at 10am!



History of this dish (from google):
Its name, laksa Siglap is in Malay rather than Siglap laksa — which while accurate in English, sounds entirely different. Like its name suggests, this is a Malay dish originating in Kampung Siglap, a coastal village where fishermen ply their trade and coconut plantations thrive.

This is my parents’ legacy laksa. Yup, I’m feeling rather sentimental these days (cos of Hari Raya and the uncertainty of when I can fly home to see them again). It is heavily fish and coconut milk based with a taste of curry. I have added other condiments like fish cakes, tofu and egg to hit the tummy spot a little better. Comes with sambal belacan!




Chicken and beef satay -Comes with rice, peanut sauce and cucumber salad

3 sticks – $10.50
4 sticks – $12.50
5 sticks – $14.50
4-pc Combo – $12.50

Tahu goreng (fried tofu) – VEGAN

*All prices excludes tax