Back on 5/31/22 at Off the Grid

What to do on our day off? How about a 100-mile drive to visit food trucks in the Central Valley…

What did we eat? Well, it’s more like “What didn’t we eat?”

Our first stop was @modestogrub, a food truck park just outside of Downtown Modesto. We started off with an assortment of specialty hot dogs from @krepedog, then piled on the apps and desserts from @mangocrazy, @the_churro_spot, and @thesweetlabinc

And if that weren’t enough, next we headed 35 miles north to Stockton to see our friend @johnnywokker, where we basically ordered one of everything on the menu. Johnny’s a great guy and awesome host, and he has the BEST noodle dishes around. Definitely worth the drive. Sorry, but no pics – The food didn’t last very long…

So, we’re done eating now, and we plan to sleep for the next couple of days.

Enjoy the long holiday weekend! See you again on Tuesday at @offthegridsf in San Bruno…

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