The time has come! This week’s delivery days will be on Wednesday 12/23 and Thursday 12/24. Order forms will be released tomorrow morning!

Curbside delivery will be only for areas in San Francisco, Daly City, SSF, Pacifica and San Bruno. If you are out of the area, there will be a pickup point in San Bruno at 3:30pm on both days. Each delivery will be $5. No charge for pick up.

We are going back to what we were doing during the first months of lockdown, so please be patient with us. East Bay foodies, if response is encouraging, we will consider Mealdrop delivery the following week!


NASI LEMAK – $15 +tax

This is always a sellout item, the one that always makes me cry when frying the chicken or the husband’s friend calls it the ‘divorce’ chicken!

Rice cooked in coconut milk with 24 hour marinated whole chicken leg with boiled egg, cucumber slices, peanuts and homemade sambal.

GADO GADO (vegetarian) – $13 + tax

Fried tofu, tempeh, steamed cabbage, string beans, cucumbers, egg and potatoes, topped with peanut sauce and keropok (crackers).


5 sticks satay meal (chicken or beef) $15.50 + tax

6 sticks satay meal (chicken, beef or combo) $18 + tax

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