Thank You! ❤️

We are finally done, completed our delivery and thoroughly bleached our commercial kitchen!

As some of you know, our truck got into a minor accident and will be out of commission for at least a week. So our weekend gig will be CANCELED until our truck has been fully restored. We are super bummed but we also know that there is a blessing behind this.

So we will be back to where we first started, weekly deliveries! Your utmost support is always appreciated! Delivery details for next week will be announced very soon!

Lastly, Satay By The Bay SF family would like to thank all our customers for your endless support since the time when we started our journey. We had gained a lot of good friends who treat us like family, and new friends who we can never survive without in our business!

Elly (me) has a new plan for 2021, lookout for it (teh tarik involved!).

Thank you again you guys, we love you, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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